About Us

About Zenergy Brands, Inc.

Zenergy Brands, Inc. (Ticker: ZNGY), is a next-generation energy and technology company operating in the emerging smart energy, conservation, and utility industries.


Zenergy provides retail energy, energy conservation, smart controls, and efficiency-based products and services to residential, commercial, industrial and municipal end-use customers. The company specializes in reducing utility expenses (electricity, natural gas, and water) by 20% to as much as 60% in some cases through its cutting-edge Zero Cost Program. Zenergy is a public company, fully reporting to the SEC and currently trading on the OTCQB, a venture market designed for early-stage and developing U.S. and international companies.

Our Vision Statement

Enriching businesses through responsible energy use and management.

Mission Statements

• To increase the enterprise value & the bottom line for our customers.

• To significantly reduce the carbon footprint in our nation.


• To significantly reduce the demand on our national energy grid and on our nation’s water supply.

• To build a portfolio of customers for life.

Our Story


Zenergy is “your virtual utility” and “the nation’s leading, next-generation utility.”


However, what do these catchphrases mean? The reality is that we have evolved our model from the old “legacy utility,” which represents an outdated school of thought about energy commodities. Moreover, in many parts of the world, this old approach even signifies pollution and negligence of environmental responsibility. It is a model built by selling as many kilowatt-hours of electricity, natural gas and other commodities as possible to the consumer. It has minimal incentive to educate consumers how to conserve these utilities. In the legacy utility model, energy companies didn’t even consider the end-user a customer, but instead, a “ratepayer.”


On the other hand, by positioning Zenergy as “the virtual utility” or “the nation’s next-generation utility,” we are changing the way electricity, natural gas and water have been bought, sold and traded the past 100 years. Today, innovation begets innovation and every six to 12 months new technologies emerge to replace the older ones. Plus, when you consider that most of our nation’s (energy) grid was built back in the 1960s and ‘70s, you can appreciate how archaic the legacy utility model is and why this new outlook is necessary.


Through our Zero-Cost Program™, Zenergy can cost-effectively provide conservation and sustainability services that most utility companies cannot offer. We offer efficiency technologies as a service, wherein the customer receives the economic benefit while at the same time reducing the demand on our grid and positively impacting the environment.

Our Team


Executive Leadership & Board of Directors


Alex Rodriguez, President & CEO

Mr. Rodriguez is a renowned energy executive and serial entrepreneur with over 17 years of energy experience and a total of 20 years of business experience in C-level capacities across the energy, telecom, and information technology industries. He is a business development and marketing executive who has successfully launched several companies, collectively responsible for generating approximately $6 Billion energy related revenues over the course of his professional career. He was co-founder and former managing partner of Stream Energy, arguably the fastest growing company in U.S. history, serving the deregulated electricity market, enrolling hundred of thousands of customers, and grossing over a few billion dollars within the first four years of operation. Mr. Rodriguez also founded DIversegy, the nation’s leading energy broker and advisor, which now operates as a part of the Genie Energy (NYSE) family of companies; this part of a buyout transaction, led by Mr. Rodriguez. Today, as CEO of Zenergy Brands, Mr. Rodriguez is the visionary driving the firm’s core ideology, vision, mission, and objectives, and is primarily responsible for the execution of the business plan and growth strategy.



Byron Young, Chairman & Treasurer

Mr. Byron Young has over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience founding several technology-based companies and leading them through an exit strategy and/or into profitable growth stages. His experiences encompass the telecommunications, wireless, software, and deregulated retail energy industries. Most recently, Mr. Young also founded a profitable, privately held wireless company named, Assist Wireless, which currently serves over 130,000 customers across 4 states. Today, he serves as the Chairman and Treasurer of the parent company, Zenergy Brands, Inc., and oversees the Company’s vision, growth strategies, and expansion efforts. As co-owners of another company, Payless Power, he and Mr. Alex Rodriguez have a previous successful working relationship and genuine friendship that spans a decade.

Management Team


Joshua J. Campbell, Senior Vice President of Administration & Planning

Mr. Campbell is an experienced C-Level executive with an extensive background in the operations, IT & telecom management, and business development specialty areas. He has led the execution of several business plans, business development initiatives, start-up projects, new buildout of departments, and revamping of several operations teams. His vast experiences as a turnaround specialist include setting up IT departments, policies, and procedures as well as assisting with the technical components of a business plan that helped raise $3MM in startup capital. Throughout his career, Mr. Campbell has been responsible for optimizing the operations of several organizations, developing disaster recovery plans, establishing and growing call centers as well as managing networks and integrating new software for various companies. Today, as Senior VP of Administration & Planning of Zenergy Brands, he is responsible for ensuring the firm’s day-to-day operations run smoothly, including implementing the strategic objectives and critical initiatives for all our divisions.



DJ Belieny, Vice President of Engineering & Technology, Zenergy Brands, Chief Technology Officer, Zenergy Labs

Mr. Belieny is an extraordinarily talented and experienced software engineer with a passion for finding solutions for challenging problems. His repertoire includes over 15 years of experience with open source and Gnu/Linux and more than 20 decades with software development in several computer programing languages. In 2016, he founded KOD Technologies, specializing in mobile and web software development using cutting-edge tools and techniques. KOD was later acquired by Zenergy Brands to help the firm grow, expand the team, and incubate the creation of our own ERP and CRM products. KOD was later renamed Zenergy Labs, a subsidiary of Zenergy Brands. As a result of this acquisition, Mr. Belieny serves Zenergy in two capacities: 1) VP of Engineering & Technology of Zenergy Brands and 2) Chief Technology Officer of Zenergy Labs. Mr. Belieny brings his high-demand software development skillset to the Zenergy team, adding another critical asset to our unique value proposition. Under his leadership, we have developed our own proprietary ERP and CRM, strengthening our capabilities to manage all our operations under one integrated platform.



Ryan Samuel, Vice President of Energy Operations

Mr. Samuel is an energy management consultant with over 15 years of experience working with diverse businesses as an independent, unbiased, and transparent client advocate. Mr. Samuel has a passion for energy conservation technologies and the promotion of energy efficiency & conservation solutions. He is an active participant in the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) and, since 2002, he has proudly served as an energy consultant in the regulated and deregulated electricity & natural gas markets throughout the United States. Mr. Samuel has also been directly involved in the successful negotiations of over $1.25 billion in electricity & natural gas contracts on behalf of several clients. Today, he brings this vast wealth of expertise in the energy industry to Zenergy Brands, reinforcing our goal to dominate both the commercial & residential retail energy and the energy brokerage & procurement spaces.

Business Development Executive Team


Our business development team is responsible for all aspects of growth for Zenergy Brands; this includes both strategic and economic growth initiatives. Our team covers, but is not necessarily limited to the following areas: new marketing channels, general business development, capital and strategic partnership sourcing, large customer origination, new product development, innovation and mergers and acquisition opportunities.


Jeffery Bay-Andersen, Vice President of Business Development

Mr. Bay-Andersen is a successful, results-driven business development executive with over 24 years of  demonstrated experience in business growth and relationship management, and securing and developing key accounts to maximize company profits. He possesses extensive marketing knowledge and creative ideas for product and service solutions and has the proven ability to develop sales potential in highly competitive markets. As VP of Business Development, Mr. Bay-Andersen focuses on securing new business clients for Zenergy’s diverse offerings including our flagship Zero Cost Program™. He also serves as a board member for Zenergy Home Services and manages invaluable relationships with existing high-profile clients and has been responsible for bringing in some of our largest clients to date. At this rate, with Mr. Bay-Andersen’s excellent people & presentation skills, and demonstrated sales & marketing expertise, Zenergy Brands is poised to successfully execute our hyper growth strategy toward dominating the markets.



John Brooks Klingenbeck, Vice President of Business Development

John Brooks Klingenbeck is a business development executive, serial entrepreneur, speaker, producer, marketing and leadership expert.  His professional career illustrates excellence across a broad spectrum of industries, from medical, telecommunications, energy to entertainment and mass media. A graduate of the University of Alabama, Mr. Klingenbeck was the CEO and Founder of Insight Medical, Inc.  In 2010, Klingenbeck moved to Los Angeles to follow his life long dream of film production. He was VP of Business Development of Hollywood Studios International and CEO of RedHillEntertainment, one of the first production companies to bring entertainment, film production, and jobs to the Southeast United States. Between 2011 and 2014, Mr. Klingenbeck structured and executive produced films and television shows with aggregate budgets over $650M. In 2014, he took a break from the entertainment space and joined Genie Energy’s Diversegy (NYSE: GNE). It was during this time that he realized there were serious problems with the current outdated energy industry and developed a passion for making a real push for climate change for future generations. Known for his sharp thinking and genuine demeanor, Mr. Klingenbeck has the uncanny ability to create instant rapport with just about anyone, maintaining close friendships with several notable Hollywood celebrities. He remains notorious for his knack for identifying game-changing opportunities well ahead of the curve, a trait that will serve him well in his new capacity as Vice President of Business Development of Zenergy Brands, Inc.


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