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Zenergy is your full-service energy provider

Zenergy is your virtual utility and next-generation utility, an innovative, well-rounded, full-service energy provider. Our in-depth industry experience enables us to provide smart solutions to retail energy customers of all sizes, as well as large-scale industrial users and municipalities who need assistance navigating the complex energy markets.


Zenergy’s Retail Energy Service is comprised of both North American Utility Partners LLC (“NAUP Brokerage”) and Zenergy Power & Gas, Inc. (formerly Enertrade Electric LLC), which are two distinct business units of Zenergy Brands, Inc.


Focus Areas & Business Units


1. Retail Electricity Provider: Zenergy Power & Gas

Enertrade Electric: PUCT Certificate #10221


Zenergy Power & Gas is a licensed Retail Electric Provider, certified by the Public Utilities Commission of Texas (PUCT) to supply electricity and natural gas services to residential and commercial end-users.


Zenergy’s principals and executives have founded, owned, and operated some of the nation’s largest and most successful deregulated Retail Energy Providers (REPs). Through our REP subsidiary, Zenergy Power & Gas, this expertise and brain trust is now at the disposal of our customers, offering you a suite of smart energy solutions throughout the Texas ERCOT market.


2. Energy Procurement Services: NAUP Brokerage


NAUP Brokerage is an energy Aggregator, Broker and Consultant (ABC) licensed by the Public Utility Commissions of multiple states to broker electricity and natural gas in EVERY deregulated market in the United States. We refer to the old industry-term of “ABC” because we are confident that the NAUP business model and capabilities match all criteria. At the cornerstone of our practice is this recurring mantra: We represent the customer in the energy buying process. In today’s world, you can just as well add energy planning to that statement.


NAUP Brokerage’s suite of services encompasses two primary operations:

  1. Energy Procurement/Brokering for commercial, industrial, and municipal end-users.
  2. Energy Advisory Services, providing clients with long-term energy procurement plans, energy risk management plans, procurement and hedging strategies, realistic energy conservation plans and sustainable energy roadmaps.


Unlike many of the “energy broker” shops in the market, real energy industry veterans founded NAUP, and our nationally renowned energy professionals who have stood on both sides of the negotiating table created our value proposition and the cornerstone of our business model. Now it is this same brain trust, pedigree, and experience that are at the beck and call of our clients.


We have built our entire brokerage offering on the following mantra: We represent the customer in the energy buying process. So our employees and consultants operate with the understanding that every recommendation we make should add value to the client’s business, in the form of dollar savings, risk mitigation, and enterprise value.


All of Zenergy’s retail energy services are supported by our ongoing Customer Relationship Management, which incorporates our incessant liaising, energy usage and cost tracking, rate verification, and a commitment to a nonnegotiable spirit of excellence in customer services.


Visit our Mantras page to understand our business philosophies.

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