Understanding the Zero Cost Program™

Understanding the Zero Cost Program™

At Zenergy, we believe in building a sustainable future. As we have said, “going green” is a trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, yet still, many people are hesitant to adopt or invest in sustainable solutions. For many of these cautious folks, particularly business owners, the chief deciding factor in not upgrading to energy efficient appliances and methods is cost. Understanding this obstacle, Zenergy came up with a solution: the Zero Cost Program™.

Our flagship program, which launched in 2017, provides a way for owners and decision makers to retrofit their businesses to the latest technology, help achieve sustainability goals and increase their net operating income, all without paying any out-of-pocket fees. This is accomplished through a Managed Energy Services Agreement (MESA) whereby Zenergy acts as an intermediary between the customer and the utility and develops, procures financing for, and installs and maintains energy efficiency measures and equipment at the client’s facilities. Your organization continues to pay the same energy supplier as usual; however, your business will begin saving immediately from reduced energy consumption and these savings go toward paying for the equipment. After the agreed-upon repayment period, which typically ranges from five to seven years, you will achieve the entire savings provided by the upgrades, which is an estimated 25 to 45 percent reduction in your utility invoices. And it’s all done in six easy steps.

Step One: Join the program

Zenergy conducts an initial site survey ahead of the actual audit to provide the auditor a head start on the process by giving them a basic idea of your existing equipment, how often it is used, and what you currently pay for electricity and services. You will then enter into a shared savings services contract off balance sheet.

Step Two: Conduct Audit

A lighting and security controls audit is scheduled and conducted on your premises. This audit is performed by a licensed energy engineer and consists of a walk-through of your facility to evaluate your existing equipment and determine any special considerations needed to complete a retrofit. The cost of this is entirely covered by Zenergy.

Step Three: Receive Proposal

You will receive a custom proposal for the upgrade of your facility’s lighting, energy and security controls, which will include details on the equipment that will be installed, the projected energy and maintenance savings, and the proposed savings plan for your business.

Step Four: Execute Agreement

Once your review your proposal, you will execute your shared savings agreement. This agreement outlines the terms and conditions of your no-investment energy consumption upgrade and allows for the scheduling of you retrofit.

Step Five: Installation

Your equipment upgrades will then be scheduled and installed by a licensed and insured professional. These upgrades may include but are not limited to smart controls, building automation, LED lighting, refrigeration optimization, load factor correction, efficient water systems, and more.

Step Six: Begin Saving!

Upon the completion of your equipment installation, your energy bill will immediately go down and begin paying for the newly upgraded equipment. Not only will this add value to your bottom line, but it will also reduce your carbon footprint.

The expected lifetime of the technologies implemented under the Zero Cost Program™ is 20 years, offering 15 or more years of net savings. Even the smallest step in energy efficiency can make a world’s difference in creating your company’s own sustainability program. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today.


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