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Energy Services and Smart Controls

Zenergy Brands, Inc. (Ticker: ZNGY) is a business-to-business company offering energy services and smart controls.


We believe that these two services, combined with an ever-increasing commercial demand for more sustainable business practices, will continue to be burgeoning trends. We provide a new, unique value proposition to residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal consumers whereby we can reduce their utility expenses anywhere from 20% up to 60% through energy-efficient and smart control products. We offer energy conservation solutions, building automation systems, and retail energy so that businesses can be more intelligent and energy-efficient, thereby increasing their enterprise value while positively impacting the environment by reducing harmful carbon emissions.


What We Do:


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A. Roadmaps


The world is a-changing, and your mindset should be too.


Today’s consumers cannot afford to be just a “ratepayer” anymore. Successful businesses need to implement long-term energy roadmaps to meet sustainability goals and achieve budget certainty.


Over the past decade, the U.S. has experienced record volatility in the wholesale energy markets. Experts predict we will continue to endure this type of instability over the next decade. Businesses of all types and sizes will need budget certainty and reliability regarding their power and natural gas needs. If you are a business owner or executive with P&L responsibility for power and natural gas bills, then allow Zenergy to develop and execute your energy buying strategy for the foreseeable future.


In addition to uncertain economic times and record market volatility, the North American energy grid is archaic in today’s technologically advanced era with much of it constructed back in the 1960’s and 1970’s. All of these drivers mean only one thing–as a decision maker, you cannot afford to remain a “ratepayer” or worse, keep planning and conducting an RFP process every year. These approaches are as outdated as much of nation’s electric grid and are costing your business much more than you realize. The concept of looking to the utility company or an energy supplier as a solutions provider for you is, with due respect, irresponsible. They are in the business of selling you as many kilowatt-hours of electricity or dekatherms of natural gas as possible, and if you let them, that is all they will continue to do.


Zenergy provides energy “road-mapping” to the following industries:


• Restaurants & Bar/Nightclubs

• Hotels & Hotel Chains

• Multi-Family Properties/Apartments

• Assisted Living Communities

• Healthcare Facilities; Hospitals, Clinics, Adult Care

• Real Estate Investment Trusts & Asset Managers

• Entertainment & Sports Complexes/Venues

• Churches & Non-Profits

• Municipalities (Local, State & Federal)

• Industrial & Manufacturing Facilities

• Office Buildings, Strip Centers & Warehouse Space

• Regional & Big Box Retail Chains

• Specialty Areas (Agriculture, Mining, Construction, Marinas, Seasonal Users, & Aggregation Pools)

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B. Conservation


Of course, everyone likes to rave about the latest solar technologies or the new windmill designs that capture more energy using much less space and look incredibly futuristic and cool. But the reality is that there are other straightforward, cost-effective measures that most businesses can implement to achieve significant energy conservation.


Let’s face it—many people view the topic of energy conservation as dull. Nonetheless, the reality is that there is a myriad of proven scientific tools that, if adopted en masse, would allow us to reduce energy consumption to the extent we could consider phasing out energy production from fossil fuel-based generation plants. Additionally, a reduction in energy use of this magnitude would help reduce congestion and transmission problems that occur daily in virtually every electricity system operator (ISO) across North America, Europe, and Asia.


Aside from the global and environmental benefits of energy conservation, Zenergy’s solutions also offer an improvement in overall load factor. In some markets, this reduces transmission and distribution fees from the utility by as much as 15%, potentially saving businesses tens of thousands of dollars.


The target market for Zenergy’s suite of energy conservation products is the small and mid-size commercial space. This group tends to get overlooked and often lacks the in-house expertise to know how to implement these solutions, which is where Zenergy brings the most value and can make the most significant difference.


Zenergy offers an ideal solution for businesses wanting to implement new technologies and energy conservation solutions with no capital investment. Visit our Zero Cost Program page for more information or contact us today to learn more.


Whether or not we believe in humanity’s contribution to climate change, it is everyone’s collective burden to be socially responsible and respect our planet. Zenergy offers customized solutions that allow you to accomplish that objective while, at the same time, adding measurable bottom-line results to your business. While we serve all client types and size of business, the ideal client profile for Zenergy’s energy conservation-related services typically operate in the following industries:


• Restaurants, Bars/Nightclubs

• Office Buildings, Strip Centers, & Warehouse Space

• Multi-tenant Commercial Buildings

• Refrigerated Operations (i.e., Cold Storage, Grocery Stores & Convenient Stores)

• Hotels, Multi-Family Properties (Apartments), Assisted Living & Hospice Facilities

• Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities

• Real Estate Investment Trusts & Asset Managers

• Entertainment & Sports Complexes/Venues

• Churches & Non-Profits

• Municipalities (Local, State & Federal)

• Regional & “Big Box” Retail Chains

• Specialty Areas (Agriculture, Brewery, Mining, Construction, Marinas, etc.)

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C. Smart Controls


Zenergy helps businesses of any size and scope achieve their conservation and sustainability goals by equipping them with the latest and greatest in energy efficiency technologies or “smart controls.”


We implement proven conservation technologies (retrofits) such as LED Lighting, HVAC Systems, Refrigeration Optimization, Motor Controllers, Efficient Water Systems, etc., which immediately reduce utility usage (gallons, thermal units, or kilowatt-hours) and improve demand over time.

D. Energy Procurement


“Energy Advisory is much more than just brokering for a handful of Retail Energy Providers; that’s just sales. We represent the customer’s best interest in all things energy, knowing when to go long and when to go short. When to lock in or when not to requires real industry pedigree.” –Ryan Samuel, Vice President of Commercial Operations


Our method starts with treating our customers like our partners. Every recommendation we make is intended to add shareholder value to their business for both the short and long term.

Our energy procurement advisory practice focuses on immediate bottom-line results, budget certainty and risk mitigation over the long run. For clients with locations across the country (national accounts), Zenergy delivers a strategy per state and energy market, each backed by real probability and scenario analyses. We take a full analytical approach for customers of all sizes, regardless of industry.


Markets Served

• Arkansas (Wholesale Natural Gas)

• California (Retail & Wholesale Natural Gas)

• Colorado (Retail & Wholesale Natural Gas)

• Connecticut (Retail Power & Natural Gas)

• District of Columbia (Retail Power & Natural Gas)

• Florida (Retail & Wholesale Natural Gas)

• Georgia (Retail & Wholesale Natural Gas)

• Illinois (Retail Power & Natural Gas)

• Maine (Retail Power)

• Maryland (Retail Power & Natural Gas)

• Massachusetts (Retail Power & Natural Gas)

• Michigan (Retail & Wholesale Natural Gas)

• New Jersey (Retail Power & Natural Gas)

• New Mexico (Wholesale Natural Gas)

• New York (Retail & Wholesale, Power & Natural Gas)

• Ohio (Retail & Wholesale, Power & Natural Gas)

• Pennsylvania (Retail Power & Natural Gas)

• Rhode Island (Retail Power)

• Texas (Retail & Wholesale, Power & Natural Gas)

• Virginia & W. Virginia (Retail Natural Gas)

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E. Zero Cost Program


Energy Conservation & Efficiency, at Zero Cost


Many people seem to think we have an energy crisis in the US, but that is far from the truth. In fact, America generates plenty of power to service all our industries. However, we do have a general lack of knowledge on how to manage energy consumption in a way that is both efficient and cost-effective. Zenergy answers the call by helping businesses through our proven solution—the Zero Cost Program™. We enrich businesses by reducing energy consumption, saving you money and improving your bottom line, all at no out-of-pocket cost to you.


The Zero Cost Program™ is a financing mechanism that allows customers (commercial, industrial, & municipal entities) to reduce their utility consumption (water, natural gas & electricity) by implementing proven conservation technologies (retrofits) such as LED Lighting, HVAC controls, Motor controllers, etc. Because these solutions immediately reduce utility usage (gallons, thermal units, or kilowatt-hours) and improve demand over the long run, there is an immediate dollar savings proposition as well as a longer-term value.


How It Works: Managed Energy Services Agreement

The Zero Cost Program works via a “Services Agreement” model whereby Zenergy significantly reduces your business’s energy consumption, which in turn reduces your utility invoice amount each month. Under this Services Agreement, your organization continues to pay the same energy supplier as usual; however, your business will begin saving immediately from reduced energy consumption.


In this model, a portion of the savings will go to Zenergy for financing the equipment and installation of all the upgraded technologies and agreed upon conservation solutions. After the repayment period, your business would reap the entire savings offered by the Program, which anticipates a 25% to 45% reduction in your utility invoices. The expected lifetime of the technologies implemented under the Zero Cost Program is 20 years, offering 15 or more years of net savings.


Our Business Solutions


• Smart Controls

• Building Automation

• LED Lighting Solutions

• Refrigeration Optimization

• Efficient Water System Solutions

• Efficient EC Motor Control Systems

• Demand-Side Management

• Load Factor Correction

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F. The Smart Home


Zenergy’s residential program is committed to bringing all the benefits of the “Smart Home” to millions of homeowners across the US. Zenergy provides homeowners a custom suite of products and services to facilitate their lifestyle however they want.


This suite includes home automation, security monitoring, and energy conservation services, so families and individuals can connect to their home to perform everyday functions from the comfort and convenience of their smartphones or Internet-connected smart devices.


Our residential program offers partnership opportunities for homebuilders and residential multi-family real estate developers to provide smart home technologies to high-end customers, i.e., homes between 1,500 and 4,000 square feet. We also have opportunities for residential channel partners such as owners of door-to-door companies or referral websites. To learn more about our residential division, visit livewithzen.com.

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